Vision and Mission


At Malvern Playgroup, we endeavour to lay a solid foundation for learning and success at a young age. We know and understand the importance of play for children’s learning and growth, and therefore offer a wide range of stimulating play activities to further children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Drawing on over 150 years of heritage from Malvern College UK, we envisage our youngest children developing their individual strengths through a personalised approach of active, play-based learning. We seek to encourage each child’s core values: curiosity, kindness, resilience, independence, integrity and humility, and to foster a life-long love of learning. Our pupils benefit from a safe, structured and innovative environment to solicit a balanced development of creativity, learning and play.

In doing so, we seek to prepare your child for a smooth transition into un-accompanied pre-school classes. To this effect, our playgroup teachers draw on their experience, care and passion to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment where children feel not only safe, but happy; and where they have the optimal opportunity to thrive and learn. We believe in nurturing each child’s uniqueness with a view to enabling them to achieve their individual dreams.